Representing 49 Families

In 2015, the Mercer County, NJ Chapter proudly celebrated its 25th year as part of the Jack and Jill community with a dazzling “Diamonds are Forever” Fundraising Gala, supporting the Trenton area Habitat for Humanity in its mission to provide meals, books, and shelter to disadvantaged children in our community. That collaboration demonstrates how, after 25 years, we continue to expand our reach in the community by partnering with organizations that invest in the long-term development of African American families. We ensure our continued viability by embracing new and established families who share our vision of rearing well-rounded children to be future leaders in their communities.
Today, the Mercer County Chapter boasts a membership of 49 families with 93 children. As a mid-sized chapter, our members find our group to be both intimate enough to facilitate the establishment of close relationships with others in the Chapter, and large enough for us to make a significant impact in the community.  We lead our children by example, demonstrating our commitment to family and community in everything that we do.  From our fabulous fundraisers, to our fun holiday festivities, to our educational symposium open to the local public, each program is designed to enhance the development of our children and other African American children in our community.

Our Executive Board

Rhonda Medina
Barbara Richards
Vice President
Carol Williams
Financial Secretary
Tiffany Basma
Program Director
Paryn Wallace
Recording Secretary
Michele Swain
Rochelle Michel
Foundation Chair
Board members not pictured:  Christy Welborne (Corresponding Secretary), Kay Henderson (Parliamentarian), Cindy Woodroffe (Chaplain),
Cynthia Allen (Editor), Nicole Sutherland-Hughes (Protocol Chair), Arlee Barksdale-Moore (Legislative Chair)

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