Regional History

The idea of a regional plan of the National Organization was initially advanced at the third annual meeting of Jack and Jill of America, Inc., held in Washington D.C. in 1948. For several years, 1948-1956, the regional plan was discussed during annual conventions. At the 1957 annual convention held in San Francisco, the Regional Plan of organization was finally adopted and Regional Directors were appointed or elected for the three regions. A voting procedure was set up for the four remaining regions. The first regional meetings were held in 1959 with the National convening in 1960. Regional conferences are held on alternate years (odd years) with the National Conventions. The regions are geographical subdivisions of the National organization as follows:

                   Central                                                      Mid-Atlantic                                               South Central

                   Eastern                                                     Mid-Western                                              Southeastern

                   Far West

The National Organization is divided, for administrative purposes, into regions to: 

1. Bring together representatives of chapters within the region

2. Allow closer, fuller participation and communication between chapters

3. Enrich chapter programs

4. Interpret National policy, programs, and projects

The officers of the regions are: 

1. Regional Director

2. Secretary-Treasurer

3. Member-at-Large Foundation

In addition, officers are appointed to include, but not to be limited to, a Parliamentarian, Sergeant-At-Arms, and a Regional Associate Chair. Each region is represented on the executive board by a National Officer. Regional teen conferences are held annually. The first teen conference was held in Philadelphia, PA in June of 1952. Each region has teen officers who are elected annually at the teen conferences.